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Full Version: CUE/BIN to ISO
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Is it safe to convert single-track MODE2/2352 BINs to MODE1/2048 ISOs? The image file gets reduced by 13% (resulting from changing the block size) but is any valuable data lost, or is it just error correction? I've extracted the files from both formats and they are identical and the games work fine AFAICT but I'm still wondering if I'm good to go.

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You can just redump the disc using Imgburn and choose ISO as the format. I don't think you should go through the trouble of coverting one file format to another, especially since error can occur.
Unfortunately I do not own any PS2 CD-ROMs (I do have a PS2 and multiple DVD games though) but I would bet that the resulting ISO would be the same as converting it with bchunk. Redump suggests dumping to CUE+BIN format, because it wants every bit of the data, but is it all necessary for playing the game?