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Full Version: A steam guide to using your DS4 and other controllers
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Hello and welcome to my brief yet comprehensive tutorial on how to set your DS4 and other controllers up with steam

First off ensure steam is installed and that that steam is the only program running. (We can’t have any other software like DS4windows) Step one, is open steam and select the white square in the top right corner to open steam big picture mode

[Image: s5Pooyn.png]

Step two, select the cog in the top right and select controller settings

[Image: UMXmg39.png]

Step three, enable DS4 support or whatever non Xbox controller your using then back out and close Big Picture mode to return to the desktop client. on the bottom left click Add game (add non steam game) select browse and look for and select pcsx2 to add it into steam.

[Image: KSnSICy.png]

Start pcsx2 from steam. Now for the fun part, start a game in pcsx2 and watch for some steam indicators in the bottom right. Then press ESC to close the game and return to pcsx2.

Click configure, pad plugin settings go to player one and map the controls as normal then enjoy your game

Edit, if you don't want to have to have the game running to edit lillypad: [Image: unknown.png]