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Full Version: Save game files
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Hello to everyone , I am new to the site  Biggrin , can I post my PS2 save game files here? If yes tell me how it's done , I am asking this question because I have tried in Gamefaqs , but since they refuse my save game files I want to ask why? But in order to do that I have to be an high level user , and in order to become a high level user I must visit and login to Gamefaqs everyday  Sad , If I can't post my save game files here please tell me another website except Gamefaqs and how it's done. Thank you for reading  Happy .
Nevermind , I figured that by me (I know that I made a mistake!  Laugh ) Here is the first one: Tekken Tag Tournament , everything unlocked including jukebox in tekken bowling mode.

Oops here it is...

Sorry for the copies but the save files are all the same , I am a beginner in this forum!
Sorry for all the messages I did , next one: Gran Turismo Concept 2002 tokyo-geneva , 100% complete but WARNING:
the game language is set to italian.
Gran Turismo 4: 100% complete with all gold medals in licenses and black cars purchased , 560 cars available in arcade mode. The language is set to italian but you can change it in the options menu, from here to above are all PAL save files.
Tom And Jerry War Of The Whiskers PAL: Everything unlocked including bonus costumes (I have used the relative cheat code in the game to unlock the bonus costumes).
Road Trip Adventure PAL: All 100 stamps collected , all parts including devil parts with 5 of each kind and 999999 money.
Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition Remix NTSC-USA: 100% complete with a lot of money and some vehicles I have customized.
Crash Nitro Kart PAL save files: Everything unlocked with all platinum relics in Adventure mode with both teams and all ghosts beaten in time trial mode. WARNING: Crash Nitro Kart was completed under italian language so if you choose another language the save files might not work.
Shrek Super Slam PAL: 100% complete but WARNING: This is the PAL version but not the one with only english language.
Crash Of The Titans PAL: 100% complete in all 3 difficulty levels.
Crash Mind Over Mutant PAL: 100% complete in easy difficulty level(the first one you choose when you create your own save file).
Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles NTSC-USA: 100% complete with everything unlocked.
Thank you for reading  Biggrin .
Hello players, I just figured out that Gamefaqs doesn't accept psu save files that's why I was stuck in this problem (because they say it's piracy) but still, I managed to upload my save files on Gamefaqs with other save file format (max,cbs etc.). And now I'm going to upload my 2 memory cards right here in case my usb drives (where I have the memory cards) breaks down but you can feel free to use those memory cards but some games are incompleted and others are under italian language (because I am italian), but the rest are multilanguage completed games.It's a zip archive(you need 7Zip or WinRAR to extract the archive's contents), have fun.  Rolleyes

Another mistake of mine, Ok here are the memory cards.
This should work it's a RAR archive.
Hello guys! anyone have save game file Star Ocean 3 on PCSX2 after end disc one(castle Aquaria/Flagship Diplo/long scene? My HDD is damage and all data is gone :/ Thanks in advance Smile Greetings
Hello there  Rolleyes you can download one of Gamefaqs's save games according  to which conditions you want to play Star Ocean 3, here is the link:
One last thing to use the save file you need MyMC and if the Gamefaqs' save file's region is different according to your game region you need also to use Ps2SaveBuilder. I'll give you the downloads of those two softwares right here.
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