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Full Version: Is Linuz ISO CDVD Plugin still supported?
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I wonder if this plugin still supported and will it ever be de-supported in future versions?

I know PCSX2 now supports ISO files, but i have strange situation, I use Cloud Backup to backup all my HDDs, and it has exclusion list that cant be edited and .iso are on the list.
So I need to compress all my iso files, Dolphin for example has build in compression for GMC and Wii games, xbox 360 games can be extracted and PS1/PS3 games dont have .iso and all otehr emulators have different file names so just PS2 is left to find a solution.
Linuz ISO CDVD has compression support so i can compress all my games and they will be backuped too.

Unless im missing something and build in iso support can load rared orĀ  ziped files?
Internal iso reader reads .CSO files too