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Full Version: Requesting assistance/answer for DW3/DW3XL problem.
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Hello! I am simply asking if there is a way to get DW3XL to read DW3 save data. i have done the trick that allows DW3XL to read the DW3 DISC but the save data does not seem to be transferring, is there a way to fix this? any topics i was naive enough to not read through fully? any feedback would be exemplary.
(03-03-2020, 01:05 PM)CBR Wrote: [ -> ]bump~
(03-12-2020, 06:07 PM)prafull Wrote: [ -> ]You read this?

Yes sir, the gentleman who wrote that provides his completed save for the game but doesn't answer/raise the question of the saves interchanging between the two like the original pS2.