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Full Version: Champions: Return to Arms, graphic problem...
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I installed PCSX2 1.4.0 and it worked very well with many games. But I'm having a problem with my favorite game: "Champions: Return to Arms". It keeps appearing several blurs as if they were beams of light ... I thought it could be an ISO problem, but I tested it both in NTSC and PAL, and also with other different sources of both types, but the problem persists. So I can only think that there must be a problem with the plugins or drivers ... Can someone help me?

[Image: Champions-Return-to-Arms.jpg]

[Image: GSdx.jpg]
old SPS...
I guess using latest git would help.

as a side note, though :
Quote: * CDVD Disk Open: DVD, Single layer or unknown:
shouldn't it be a DL DVD ?

did you use imgburn to make your iso ? if so, did you get any error when doing so ?
The latest version solved the problem ... Thanks.
be prepared to get crashes, though. and unable to complete the game...

oh well, anyways, if the problem is solved...