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Full Version: Brief stuttering in certain games
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Hello all, new to pcsx2, so far I'm really enjoying it. I do have what appears to be a standard issue across a few games however. MK Armageddon has a stutter during Konquest mode that is mostly discreet, but at times it will really slow down the camera panning for a second and then resume normally. My fps constantly shows 60 though and I have no choppy audio typical with an fps dip. I don't really know what could be causing that. I am using mostly default settings, and direct 11 as well as OpenGL both have the issue. 

Another game with almost the same issue is TimeSplitters Future Perfect. No fps dips, but stutter when moving around. 

I am using 3x IR. 

I have partially alleviated the stutter by changing base frame rate adjust to 105%. It isn't as bad but I feel like increasing it too far will speed up the game itself. Am I correct in that assessment? 105% seems safe. I don't have any other speedhacks enabled  such as the cycle rate and EE speed. 

I would also like to ask if there is a list of games that the mtvu hack works with. A lot of people make it seem like it works very well but every game I enable it for it causes choppy audio and slowdown. Not to mention other graphical glitches. I have a quad core CPU. 

I am running the latest Dev build and my PC specs are:

Intel I5 9300H @2.4
8GB system ram
Nvidia GTX 1650 
4GB vram
what do the ee% & gs% say when you get slowdowns ?
(04-16-2020, 10:06 PM)jesalvein Wrote: [ -> ]what do the ee% & gs% say when you get slowdowns ?
I will check tonight and update you. 

Can you shed light on why the mtvu setting gives issues with every game I play? I feel like my specs should be okay for it. Maybe I'm just playing games that have issues with it perhaps? Having it disabled I get a constant 60fps and most games have no issues with slowdown or this stuttering I'm mentioning. 

Secondly, if I'm getting better results with the frame adjust at 105% is that setting okay to be left on for games that might not have the stutter issue? A lot of people swear against using it but a 5% increase in fps up to 63-64 shouldn't cause issues. I'm just worried about speeding up games I don't mean to

(04-16-2020, 10:06 PM)jesalvein Wrote: [ -> ]what do the ee% & gs% say when you get slowdowns ?
Sorry for the late reply. 

I tested MK Armageddon again and my both EE and GS % were under 20. 

Using base frame adjustt at 105% again seems to alleviate most of the stutters but at the cost of slightly speeding up the game. There has to be a way to fix this. Most threads I find on pcsx2 microstutters are from 2017 and they always end with a resolution. 

None of the other speedhacks seem to do anything at all, and I'm running 60fps 10% of the time when these occur. MTVU actually hurts most of the games I test and I have a quad core CPU. Does that mean that the game is GS limited? I'm new to emulation in general but my PC should be more than capable of handling pcsx2 at full speed with no issues.
playing from original DVD or iso ?
(04-18-2020, 04:34 PM)jesalvein Wrote: [ -> ]playing from original DVD or iso ?
Iso. And I meant I'm running 60fps 100% of the time. Not 10. Apologies. 

I'm going to try and play the game straight on my laptop instead of using my TV as a monitor. That's the only thing I can think of as to why it may be stuttering at this point. Again though it's only for certain games. I can play God Hand and MK Shaolin Monks perfectly fine with zero stutter. Maybe certain games just don't emulate as good as others
Quote:Maybe certain games just don't emulate as good as others
of course.
but still, this is not normal.
is your hard drive an SSD one ?

did you have a look at your windows power plan ?
(04-18-2020, 04:54 PM)jesalvein Wrote: [ -> ]of course.
but still, this is not normal.
is your hard drive an SSD one ?

did you have a look at your windows power plan ?
SSD. I'm pretty sure my power settings are optimized when not plugged in. But I'm always plugged in. I also made sure to have pcsx2 running on my Nvidia GPU and not integrated
Pretty sûre ?
Check again
So it was set to balanced. I changed it to max performance and it still had microstutters. After watching more gameplay videos on this particular game I've come to the conclusion it's just the game. There are no other settings within the Nvidia control panel I can see to change that would help this.

I'll admit I'm slowly trying to learn PC's after being a console gamer all my life. It's confusing to me though how I can run Forza horizon 4 and other intensive PC games on close to max settings with no stutters but certain ps2 games give me trouble. Further aiding in my conclusion that it's the game itself.
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