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Full Version: Wipeout fusion slowness
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Hello everyone, im new to this stuff, i just wanted to play one game of my childhood and everything seems to be fine except it slows down a lot (usually when the game needs to render a lot of background buildings and stuff) (the game i play is wipeout fusion). Is there anything to improve with my settings? or do i just have a slow pc. Thanks. 

My specs: 64 bit  Intel core i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50 ghz    12 GB of ram   
All my other settings are on default and i am not using the speedhacks mtvu thing
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The STR of that cpu is around 1747, it's going to be hard to get full speed.

Minimum STR is 1600 but 2100+ is recommended.

Enable recommended speed hacks as well as MTVU and see what happens but I don't expect you'll get full speed on this game.

Best to play it on your PS2.