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Full Version: Question About Gsync/VRR
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Hello all, i am considering getting a Gsync compatible monitor and had some questions regarding it's compatibility within pcsx2. 

I'm currently playing on a TV that supports 1080p/120hz and I notice stuttering in almost every game I play. If I enable vsync for certain titles, the stutter goes away for the most part, but I then have lag in some games as well as massive slowdown to 35-40fps. There are certain games that have no slowdown with vsync set to standard and are playable on my TV, but not too many. 

If I get a monitor that supports vrr/gsync, will it help with stutter like it is supposed to with regular PC games? I don't want to drop a few hundred on something that is going to leave me in the same spot I'm in now. 

I also have screen tearing in the games that have slowdown when enabling vsync, which is another reason I have to have it enabled. It's essentially a choice for me between dealing with stuttering/inconsistent frame pacing, or screen tearing. No one wants either of those. 

If I play on my laptop itself with no external display I don't get any screen tearing but the stutter is still there. 

My computer is more than capable of running pscx2 without issues

i5 9300h 
GTX 1650
12GB ram