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Full Version: Cheats not working (using GameShark)
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Game I'm hacking: Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec (btw, the multiply horsepower hack DID work, no other hacks worked, which is weird.)

Cheats checked: 
787B for $1
RX8 for $1
Low License Times
why don't you use pnach instead of gameshark ?
I don't know where I can find .pnach files.
you requested in the appropriate thread.
or you could make one :
How To PNACH Like A Boss
- Make sure you have cheats enabled (System > Enable Cheats)
- Make sure to place the PNACH file in your cheats folder
- Make sure the PNACH file name matches the CRC of the game
- Make sure the cheat are you trying to use isn't commented out
- Do NOT load savestates, as these will wipe your cheats out of memory, and potentially introduce others

If you are still experiencing issues read this guide: