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Full Version: The image embed function of the forum doesn't work
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I had to dig into the source for https://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Bug-Repo...t-3-NTSC-J to figure out what was needed to make the image actually show, the built in function provides broken code that doesn't work.

Nevermind now that I've loaded the page again my attempt isn't working although it clearly is/did since I have the attempt still open in another tab and even refreshing that tab it still works in. Upon editing the post again and hitting save, the image preview shows up, and refreshing breaks it.

Tried again with the built in embed feature using a different URL and now it seems to be working(?) Forum could use some updating.
ok, just corrected it
I didn't need you to edit it, I was leaving in the failed attempts as proof to the issue. The default embed option isn't very use friendly.
that's how mybb works