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Full Version: Gran Turismo 4 demo replays don't start
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Old story, I know. The workaround from PCSX2 Wiki

Quote:Go to Config -> Emulation Settings -> EE/IOP and set Clamping Mode to "Full". However, this will make other events fail to load, requiring it to be set back to Normal after the Demonstration.

does not work for me. Besides: I have the same problem in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. Wacko 

PSCX2 version: v1.7.0-dev-56
graphics plugin: GSdx (AVX2)
OS: Windows 10 (x64)

Any suggestions? Mellow
(05-26-2020, 03:21 PM)Alberts212 Wrote: [ -> ]I'll try it in the Japanese GT4 demo later today.

I forgot: I use the PAL version. Same engine, same problem: Tourist Trophy. Sad 

(05-26-2020, 03:21 PM)Alberts212 Wrote: [ -> ]during replays and license test demonstrations, as you can't press start during a replay and turn it on. ... Don't you have view some video about steering wheel icon in action ??

No. I don't. Mellow
Any news about this issue?