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Full Version: Compatibility List fix
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I noticed that there are no CRC for five games in the compatibility list on main site. Actually, here they are:

1. Legend of Kay, The (SLES-52931) CRC=54D68884
2. Winning Eleven 9 (SLPM-66009) CRC=D9B8D6EB
3. Dancing Stage Fusion (SLES-52598) CRC=55C0C440
4. Phantom Brave (SLES-52951) CRC=977116A5

But for "Simple 2000 Ultimate Series - Vol. 22 - Stylish Mahjongg" game, please wait a month and a half or two months. I will order it on Amazon as soon as I can. And it will be delivering from Japan...

So possible to fix this? At least these four, for now.
Sweet, will update em now thanks Smile

Did I should copy my post from "Request thread..." into thread of SLES-52599 to make Forum Link available?
Yeah you should reply to the new thread so your results are registered there