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Full Version: SMT Nocturne graphics issues
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Well, when i started to play this game and the graphics looked strange so i made a researched and found out that the problem was in the video plug in. The original option of video's graphics was "Rendered: Direct3D9 (Hardware)" but even if i switch between any (Hardware) option the graphics stills messed up. However, if i choose any (Software) option the graphics returns to normal (see images 1 for sofware setting and 2 for hardware setting) but the fps decreases a lot. I tried so many videos configurations but i still don't have any success with the graphics or fps, can someone please help me? I played persona 3 and 4 normally, but with this SMT things has get strange. My PC configurations are:

Windows 10 Pro
Intel Core i5 CPU @ 1.60GHz 1.80GHz
8,00 GB RAM
64 bits
Intel UHD Graphics 620

And my PCSX2 is the 1.4.0
we don't support old pcsx2 versions.
please update
I didn't know there was an updated version. I did the update and this issue disappeared! Thank you and sorry for any trouble