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Full Version: Blurry images
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Hello fellas!

Well i'm here mostly because when i turn up the resolution to anything beyond native the image displayed by the emu turns blurry, i try changing every aspect of the configuration but it results in nothing so i decided to beg you for help.

I attach some images of my problem and left you with the specification of my pc, i hope it's a simple adjusment that i can't see or something  Blush

PC Spec:
Core I5 7400
8Gb Ram (single channel)
GTX 1050Ti
Windows 10
[Image: yFIyNxJ.png]
That screenshots is for Haunting Ground right? Here I found cheats to sharpen the game's image output among other things https://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Post-you...e?page=344 (Choose the one that match with your game's region)
Put the .pnach files into cheats folder and enable the cheats in the emulator's menu.