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I was wondering about the resolution and if putting higher resolution drops speed. I am talking about internal resolution and if i do change it to the highest will it decrease speed?
It depends more on on gpu and a little on your cpu
I can play any game at 3x on gtx1060
But does the internal resolution affect speed?
(06-10-2020, 03:23 PM)OwaisQadri2002 Wrote: [ -> ]But does the internal resolution affect speed?

It does if your hardware is not powerful enough
okay is open GL best for nvidia?
Actually I just remember something
How many times are you going to ask the same thing

Scaling(increasing the internal resolution)increases the hardware requirements so if your hardware is not powerful enough you will lose speed
OGL is batter for nvidia
Hardware gives you better speed if your gpu is REALLY bad but that's never the case on nvidia gpu
okay, my GPU is decent enough so its fine thanks sorry I won't ask again.
And does putting resolution to native ps2 increase speed for games?
if the emulated game is one that tends to hammer the gpu, then, yes it may help
alright, thanks a lot ill try and see what happens.