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Full Version: Graphical Issues with Metropolismania
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Hey all! 

 Hope everyone is doing well and keeping sane, anyways! 

point of the post, I was reminiscing of playing this game way back in 2005ish when I was crazy about my ol PS2, the game runs perfect other then the fact, depending on which way I am facing... the map decides to disappear, I have read some post's and done some surfing to see if anyone has a possible fix for my issue.

*FOR TESTING REASONS ONLY* I downloaded a copy of the game to try and see if I was having a compression issue or rendering issue with my iso ripper program, both showed same issues


this is what it looks like which is quite irritating

this is my settings I use


also turning OFF the preset and tweaking the settings for EE/IOP & VU has no change

[attachment=70960] (I added log as attachment, should I post in quote?)

sooo.. turns out V1.5.0 had "enable widescreen patches" enabled when I booted, so it was causing graphical errors, turns out if it's un-ticked when booting, it works fine...

who would have thought...