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Full Version: updating PCSX2
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ok so i have lots of roms(legally acquired) and my bios on my PC and they take about 50 gigs
so i want to update my version without having to delete the old one first
how can i do that?
(i apologize in advance if the answer is too easy)
? Why ?
What's the point in doing so ? ROMs and BIOS aren't dependant of how pcsx2 is installed
wont they be overwritten if i install in the same place?
If you isntealled the binary version, maybe.
Move your Isis, BIOS and memecards out of pcsx2 folder, unzip the brand new one in a separate folder and reconfigure from scratch
okay apparently the installer does not delete the bios and games folder i made so it was okay to just install it
If you used old installer (1.4) it will just move everything into PCSX2_Backup folder.
If you used dev builds (1.5) it will not be changed/moved.