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Full Version: Is my XPS 13 enough to run Metal Gear Solid 2?
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I'm trying to run MGS2 but it's very slow and pretty much unplayable event at native resolution. I've tried fiddling a bit with the settings but with no luck. Is my computer too slow to run it?

- i7-8550u @ 1.8GHz
- IntelHD for GPU
- 16GB RAM

If not, what settings will get it running smoothly?

you need a decent gpu. That's the only problem.
your CPU isn't bad at all for mgs2
^ And because of that,you may get more speed in software mode
if its anything like my xps13.. with he 10th gen i5.. no. Why? The cooling solution on those laptops is absolutely atrocious.. 2nd worst I've ever seen. The worst being a new back book air 13" where the fan isnt actually hooked to the heat sink...