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Full Version: DS4 Windows PS4 controller settings?
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Hello peoples, I've been wanting to play bloodborne again on the PSNOW store, however it only responds to my controller when I use DS4. BUT the touchpad doesn't fully work.

You see, in bloodborne you use one side of the touchpad to do emotes and have a quickslot menu, but I've no clue what to put in for the settings to let me use these parts of the controller properly. I don't need my controller to act like a Xbox 360 controller, I need it to act like a PS4 controller;;

These are the settings now (that's what they are by default I guess, but it means these parts of the touchpads dont work as they need to while playing Bloodborne)


[Image: unknown.png][Image: unknown.png][Image: unknown.png]
Added to that, my ps4 controller is actually a DS4 which I have connected via a mini usb to usb cable.