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Full Version: Devil May Cry 2 Dante's Unholy Majin Form
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Haven't been here in a while, picked up some action replay codes for devil may cry 2 (thank you web archive and codejunkies), used multiconverter to decrypt them into raw then pnach'd them, two codes I had on were infinite devil trigger and dante is always in his majin devil form, but.....I dont think he's meant to look like the 1st attachment or the 2nd

His character seems to not want to obey physics, nor does he like to have all his body parts in their proper spots, and I shudder to think what his majin form looks like without cheats

I added the emulog as an attachment, but its been a LONG while since I've been here, so if I need to provide more, then it shall be done
For the record, I thought the backups I had of both Devil May Cry 2 discs were bugged, so I made some new imgburn copies, and the eldritch (physics? HA, I eat physics) majin dante still happens on the new disc