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Full Version: Lupin Sansei: Lupin ni wa Shi o, Zenigata ni wa Koi o
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Hello guys, 

I am very sorry if this is in the wrong group or I am making an incredibly stupid oversight but I recently tried to play Lupin Sansei: Lupin ni wa Shi o, Zenigata ni wa Koi o, I will post a link below. When I attempt to load the game after the ps2 splash screen it just stays black. Could anyone tell me where I am going wrong. My PCSX is running on D11 HW mode, I have a i7 9700 pc with a 2060 graphics card. My iso is also one using my own copy of the game. 

Thank you very much in advance for any help. 

Fixed via discord, requires MTVU disabled
Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Resolved with a workaround since it has been fixed on our code base.

This thread will now be closed and moved to the resolved bug reports subforum.