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Full Version: Can upgrading only GPU give better performance?
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I'm currently having AMD FX-6100 with 1300 single-thread score and Radeon HD 7770 with 2100 score.
I picked up Ratched & Clank 1 and I've tried all the possible configurations. The best i've got is varying between 80-100% speed.
In 2 weeks I'm getting RX 570 as my new GPU, so the question stands will I get better game speed or am I 100% bottlenecked by CPU and there's no point in waiting?  Unsure
Your CPU should have a single thread performance of around 2000. Your CPU is really weak for running most games on PCSX2. Upgrading the GPU isn't going to help much
When it comes to emulation the CPU does the heavy lifting so you'll need to upgrade at some point, it sucks but sadly that's the only way.

A better gpu will allow for higher resolution but the cpu does most of the work.
I currently use the same GPU as u (2gb version) and it does a pretty good job, I even up scaled to 3x resolution in GoW
Can upgrading gpu increase performance.. sure, if the GPU is your bottleneck. In your systems instance, the cpu is the bigger bottleneck.. and I'd not expect to see much improvement in speed.