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Full Version: How to force Game Specific Hacks for modified games?
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Let's say I have a copy of Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix and I apply a modification to the disc image, would PCSX2 & GSDx still detect it as Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix and automatically enable relevant game specific fixes?

I don't know about PCSX2, but GSDx claims to have CRC Hacks & Fixes for various games in the "CRC Hack Level" tooltip. How do I, a laymen, determine what hacks it is automatically applying so that I know it is applying the correct hacks for the game I'm playing? How do I tell it to treat my modified game as Release X of Game X?
It depends what the patch modifies, if it modifies the main ELF file (which will be like SLPS294.28 or similar) then the CRC will change, so GSDX will no longer detect it, however the game database might.

As far as I know KH2 requires no specific game fixes or hacks, so i wouldn't worry. As for GSDX, you're SOL unless you can add your crc to the GScrc.cpp file of GSDX and recompile it, but they may not be needed anymore and just not been removed, I can't confirm
Consider this a feature request, something along the lines of there being a gamefixes_override.ini or some such with the contents being in this format:

Path-to-file & file name = Game, Release/Region X.

I would say to use CRC instead of explicitly specifying a file but the CRC method would be tedious with a project that can randomize the contents of a game, resulting in the ISO and CRC changing each time you randomize the game content.