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Full Version: Please do not move this coz no one look at hardware discussion
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I can't find nformation about that, so I will ask here, sorry.
Since I can't play ps1 games on pcsx2 I want to buy modded ps1 and dumb bios, but will I have opportunity to Play NTSC games like final fantasy tactics on PAL bios? (I can play like that on pcsx2).
I can't find any info about that and I want to find best solution for my favourite games.
So far there are 4 options for me:
1. Free ones that let you play in browser (worst solution coz of quality).
2. PS Vita - missing 2 games so probably no...
3. PS3 - also missing 2 games...
4. Emulation - most expensive but best quality and all games, but if I need to get NTSC ps1 from US its not an option, so...
Please answer if you know.
Thanks in advance.