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Full Version: Texture filtering and image clarity?
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I'm not a regular PCSX2 player. I just recently started my first proper play on it, with God of War. Prior to this I had only occasionally tested it.

I'm playing at 3x native resolution with OpenGL (HW). I had noticed that the overall image was quite blurry. I turned off "Soften" in game's settings and "Texture filtering of display" in Gsdx, but they had not much of an impact.

After a while, I was tinkering with Gsdx's settings and switched texture filtering from bilinear (PS2) to nearest and noticed the blur was gone, but instead everything on the screen was heavily pixelated, including the character model and its edges.


I don't know much about texture filtering or inner workings of PS2, but was under the impression that texture filtering is supposed to apply to the textures on game objects, not the objects themselves. In PCSX2, at least in this game, it seems the texture filtering is applied to the entire image.

Is this a bug, or does PS2 actually process the image like this?

Is it possible, from a coding standpoint, to add a feature to PCSX2 to apply texture filtering only to the textures?