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Full Version: I know PCSX2 1.6 was recently released, BUT ...
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Hey - like the subject line of this post says, I know PCSX2 1.6 was recently released (fairly so), but I got wind of a 64-bit build of PCSX2 being available for download as a beta.  I was wondering if the PCSX2 team would be willing to push out a "stable" 64-bit build quickly of PCSX2 (given the numerous benefits involved with 64 bit programs).  Couldn't the team just convert the existing stable release of 1.6 to 1.7 (or whatever) "as-is," but in 64-bit mode, and have that count as a stable release?  Wouldn't need any bugfixes or new features.  Just a straight-up conversion of 1.6 from 32-bit to 64-bit.  Or wouldn't such a thing be possible?  Thoughts?  (Thanks!)
There's pretty much no benefit for Windows users. The performance is pretty much the same.
The reason it hasn't been released is because it's not ready. When it's ready, it will be released.
Thanks for replying. Can you please explain briefly why there wouldn't be any benefit?
Because Windows runs PCSX2 just fine as a 32 bit executable.

The two main benefits of 64 bit for Windows are:
1. being able to address memory past 4GB (which isn't a problem for pcsx2)
2. extra registers (which the 64bit exe isn't taking advantage of right now anyway)
(09-01-2020, 11:57 PM)Omnimaxus Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for replying.  Can you please explain briefly why there wouldn't be any benefit?

PCSX2 as a program is compiling as 64 bit. The recompilers it uses to translate PS2 code are still generating 32 bit instructions (which are fully compatible with 64 bit systems). As such, performance is unchanged. Current expectations are that performance will be lost if the recompilers are changed to generate 64 bit instructions.
Thanks for your responses! Appreciate it.