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Full Version: Wanning Level
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Hey, guys how do I delete this
"Warning level" and buy a star?
you can't, only an admin can, and you'll have to build p your posts for a star, they're levels
You can write a simple way????
a simpple way to do what?
It is right that I do not understand!
if you can write an easier way?
i think this is the worst question in this forums
Let's see if I understand!
To have a star I have to create more "Post"?
and to get the "warning level" I have to talk to manager?
No, if you keep posting you'll earn a star and a warning level point.

I could bet that will happen.
Ohhh ...
thank you ......
HA! I live in "Sao Paulo"! (BR) (BRAZIL)
(05-03-2009, 01:19 AM)dark king Wrote: [ -> ]i think this is the worst question in this forums

Worst, or best?
Move this to Chatterbox and let the entertainment continue.

You have to post a certain amount to get more stars. It's automatic.
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