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Full Version: Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm (PAL) graphics issues
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Resolved kinda: For hardware rendering set Texture Filtering to Nearest (and Round Sprite hack to Full if upscaling), enjoy pixelated graphics... otherwise use the Software Renderer.

Hi, I'm playing with PCSX2's widescreen hacks enabled and when I increase the resolution in the graphics plugin the game suffers a thatched look while entering combat, anomalous visuals during portrait conversations between characters and issues with the combat HUD. The Round Sprite hack fixes artifacts on the combat HUD but the other issues persist.

I've tried many of the hacks to no avail, does anyone have a solution to all the graphical issues when increasing the internal rendering resolution? (I know the side bars in combats Burst Mode can't be fixed, the animating background asset is designed for 4:3 aspect ratio displays and will obviously not fill a 16x9 space).

Issues happen with PCSX2 1.4.x, 1.6.0 and recent 1.7.0 builds.
So it turns out the remaining issues persist even with the Software Renderer, which means it's a general emulation issue right? The lines in the background shouldn't be there during these conversation scenes, and they also appear in greater density during the Beginning Battle animation when you collide with an Enemy Encounter.

Attached image is with the Software Renderer. Edit: or... changing the renderer isn't retroactive and I need to re-enter the scene to see the changes. Software Renderer doesn't have the issues.

Edit 1 (10-05-2020): Setting "Texture Filtering" to Nearest Neighbour fixes it for OpenGL Hardware, at the expense of it being Nearest Neighbour.

Edit 2: This seems to be fixed.