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Full Version: Fight Night Round 3 Config recommendation.
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Windows 10 64bit
Intel I3-3220 = 2 cores, 4 threads 3.30ghz
8Gb DDR3 1600mhz 
Nvidia GT-1030 2Gb (DDR5 version not DDR4)

First time using this emulator and I'm having a hard time trying to play this game. It's going around 50fps, but the fighters are moving like their in water.
get a better cpu.
that one is unfortunately a bit sub par for a game like FNR3

to push the limit, make sure windows power plan is set to performance mode and play with your laptop plugged in AC
This is a full desktop, so the cpu the only thing holding the game back? The gpu is fine?
no, it's a bit subpar too.
that said, if you keep using native resolution, that can be enough