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Full Version: PCSX2 performance problem
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I have a problem with my pcsx2. It was working fine but after I have replaced the GPU (from GTX 950 to a GTX 1060) I can see that the performance of my games has dropped. I was able to play through games like r&c 3 or MGS3 even at 60 fps with 0 drops. But now the games runs way slower.. I had a few similar situations a few months ago using cheats from the https://www.beste-cheats.de/ website. But then it was happening on my iPhone while playing State of Survival.

Thanks for answers!
Did you go into the NVidia control panel and set Power management to Prefer Maximum Performance? Are you sure the drivers are up to date?
mgs3 is "required" to set SH's EE cycle skipping to 1.