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Full Version: Weird Speed Change Thing When the Power Cord is Unplugged
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I'm, like, really stupid when it comes to computer stuff and problem-solving in general at times, so if the answer is super obvious then please call me an idiot.

I'm running PCSX2 on a laptop, and the only game I've got to play on it is Persona 3 FES. It runs perfectly fine, zero issues with anything other than this one tiny thing: specifically whenever the power cord is not plugged in, the game runs at half-speed. I can't think of a reason why it does that or if it can be fixed, but I'm a moron, so I figure someone probably has an answer. And I haven't messed with any of the settings because I don't know what 50% of them do.
dont run it on batteries
thats it's laptop battery behavior let say the batteries is at 50% the CPU will use only 50% of it's power.
AC cord is a must to run pcsx2....

if your laptop is modern type and it's supports to charge via powerbank thru Type-C USB...would be the alternative way.