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Full Version: Star Ocean 3 main menu control
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Running fine (no major problem at all), i am using ps4 controller...but when I open the main menu (item, equipment etc), my analog n dpad stop working, the other buttons such as confirm/cancel still working, only the movement button....this is including the dpad/left analog button that i binded on keyboard

I tried unplugged my ps4 controller and tried to use only keyboard, it worked just fine, but when i plugged in my controller, the movement button stops working again.

any solution for this? thank you before
What xinput wrapper are you using ?
(02-13-2021, 11:59 AM)jesalvein Wrote: [ -> ]What xinput wrapper are you using ?

thanks for the reply, i believe i don't use any of that, i only plug it on my PC.
Won't work natively
Try ds4windows or steam