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Full Version: Final Fantasy X-2 Question
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It's my first message so before i start i would like to thank pcsx2 family for their wonderfull program.

System Setup

Q9450 @ 3.6 Ghz
Ati Radeion 4870x2
4GB DDR3 Memory
Windows Vista Home Premium x64

Pcsx2 Setup

USA v2.00 BIOS
GSDX 890 SSE41 0.1.14 (D3D 10 HW)
SPU2-X 1.1.0 (Default)
Gigaherz's CDVD 0.7.0 (Default)
Speed Hacks : INTC Sync Hack, Enable IOP
Cpu: EERec, VU0rec, VU1rec, MTGS and Limit all enabled

My problem is with D3D internal Res. I set it to 1920x1080 to test but whenever i start the game resolution is not what i choose. Its something like 512x460 (not sure) and FMV has graphical glitch problem. I tried to change interlacing with F5 but didn't work.

If i change the resolution to native and use interlacing FMV works fine.

I would like to know if its possible to run ff-x2 other than native resolution wthout any graphical glitch on FMV and why D3D internal resolution is not applying to the game. Whatever resolution i specify, its not working.

Thanks for your time.

D3D internal resolution is not the resolution size of the window, it's used for anti-alliasing purposes. There should be a drop down window in the graphics configuration that just says "Resolution". This is what you want to change to 1920x1080.
The FMV flickering issue hasn't yet been solved. You'll have to deal with it or play at native. Cycle through interleacing (F5 key while in-game or in-fmv) to see wich one suits you the best.

D3D internal resolution doesn't affect the size of your window, but the size of the textures the plugin handles. The higher, the better graphics you'll get, but if you pass your monitor resolution you won't see any benefits.
Thanks for the reply.

I thought internal resolution is for window Smile. I can't see any drop down window in graphics configuration area to change resolution. Where it is excatly?

I have a 24" Benq monitor. Maximum resolution is 1900x1200. What i understand from you guys, 1900x1200 resolution is my limit, if i go above that i won't see any benefit yes?

Thanks for your time.
My monitors max resolution is 1280x1024, but i play with an internal resolution of 2560x2048 and i do notice a difference. When playing at that resolution is acts like Anti-Aliasing and i get no jagged edges whatsoever.
To change the resolution of the Window, there should be an option at the very top to change it.