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Full Version: Mortal Kombat Deception: can't get past profile select screen
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Having an issue i havn't been able to find an answer to.   Mortal kombat deception (and Armageddondon for that matter) bring you to a loading screen right after the game starts.   game creates a profile and it works fine.  but when i try to pick and empty slot it just gives me a dinging sound no matter what button i select.   i tried running in software only mode.  any ideas?
The games work fine on my end. It sounds like you're hitting the wrong button than what it expects
i have an amd 3900x and a 2070super. what i did was spam up on dpad and start and it finally let me in. once in you can create and load a profile. strange.
Strange since I didn't have to do anything like that when I created a profile. And your computer specs have nothing to do with what's happening. Computer specs can cause a game to run slowly, but not behave in a certain way, like you're explaining