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Full Version: Yoshitsune Eiyuuden Shura Help
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I'm trying to do some research on this game, and to expediate things I tried looking for some saves or unlock cheats for the game, but besides a widescreen hack (which is nice to have btw) I haven't found anything in that vain. And my attempts to figure out the weapon codes myself with cheat engine proved unproductive.

Is there any chance I could get some help with this? What I really want most are the weapon unlocks for my research, anything beyond that would just be a bonus.

Thanks for your time.
Hey! I'm back, I remembered I had asked for some help from here, though it looks like there was no one up for it. I have been picking away at the game on my own time, and some of the weapons look pretty interesting, nothing super fantastical, more realistic as it were, but interesting either way. But between my other work and dealing with the language barrier on this game, it really is going to take an age to get everything.

So is there any way at all I can speed this up or do I have to keep picking at it? Even just some tips for the more confusing missions could be helpful, since there is barely anything in english about this game.

Thanks again in advance.
I never heard of this game, and it's highly possible most users around here do'nt own it. hence the lack of answers you get.
I suggest you try gamefaqs or codejunkies to get saves or codes, then you'll have to import your save or create your cheat file yourself.

looks like an obscure game...
Believe me, I looked, a lot. No saves, cheats, and/or hacks (besides widescreen) anywhere I could think of or look up. And there is only one, thankfully pretty good, guide to be found, or trying to get through the game would be very difficult and unlocking everything near impossible.

I've even tried sifting through the game with cheat engine to unlock everything myself, but I'm not that good with the tool in the first place and have little idea what I should be looking for since it is hard to narrow everything down.

You are correct though, it's an obscure game only released in Japan, but it's by From Software, so I figured there would be a few fans willing to look through their older stuff.
we don't have many kapanese users around here. more from Europe and/or US.

Importing it from japan to EU when it came out could have been expensive, you needed a modded console (or own a japanese one) and,moreover, this could happen provided you actually heard about this game.

Sooo. small chances anyone here owns it unfortunately
Dang, so I suppose no one would have any ideas how to parse the code or anything either? I'll just have to set some dedicated time aside for it then.

Thanks for the replies anyway.
depends. did you find any raw code like AR or CB ones ?
Nope, couldn't find anything like that, to the point I'm surprised there is a widescreen hack for the game, unless that is easier to do or something? Either way, they was nothing to go off of, and as I said, I didn't have luck trying to do it myself.