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Full Version: Grand Turismo 4 help
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I have been Playing alot of this game for my twitch channel! but my game save file got deleted by mistake and i am wounding if there is a cheat or something out there that i can use to get back where i was! something like auto completeing races the license center stuff every race i have done to be completed! anything will help thanks to anyone who posts!
The best thing I can suggest is backing up your saves by copying your memcards. You can use Windows' File History feature. Be careful as the game does checks your memory against your saves and it can possibly refuse to save without wiping out your garage except for your riding car (this is because the game only loads your riding car in memory).
I should have read the thread more carefully lol. But anyways, you can use these cheats attached to bypass the license tests and driving missions. I also included a money cheat if you wanted that as well.