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Full Version: Can I play a ps3(ps2 classic) game on pcsx2?
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I remembered that I bought a few ps2 classics from the ps store for my ps3 a long while back, and after doing all the needed dumping of .rap files and all that, the rpcs3 discord people in #help said its possible to take the game from a ps2 classic for the ps3 and use it on the pcsx2 emulator. Now I thought I had it with the PSN Liberator program that needed the act.dat file, idps numbers, and .rap files for decryption, but after it was done and turned it into a .iso file, I realized it didnt do it on a pcsx2 friendly format

So level with me: is it possible, at all, to take the .pkg file of any of my ps2 classics, and harvest it into a pcsx2 friendly format (at least until they get the ps2 classic emulation up n going) without needing an actual ps3 console to do the steps (sold mine years ago after I considered myself fully done with it), or should I just not do this rube goldberg stuff and just buy the ps2 disc from amazon/ebay/whatever instead?

Also downloaded the latest git release of pcsx2 since mine was a bit old, and saw no separate plugins in a folder; guess it all finally got baked into the pcsx2.exe itself now? congrats to the coding team(s) that made that possible
I know someone succeeding in doing it but it takes quite some steps. And yes plugins are integrated now.
well, I feel like a major idjit not figuring out I could burn a .bin file to a dvd disc, so after "decrypting" the ISO.BIN.ENC of the shin megami tensei nocturne game into a burnable .bin file, I burnt it, and iso'd it ala imgburn, hooked it into pcsx2 and ran it, and beyond a red isoFile: Invalid layer1 Primary Volume Descriptor text line in the program log window, its running just fine

There are other programs that could convert it into an iso file without doing this roundabout stuff, but one of them utterly failed in making an uncorrupted iso, and others are either install only, install + paid only, or lite versions that only handle a certain size. regardless, I figured it out, didnt think the last step(s) were that simple.....imagine that :/
There is no need to burn the file after decryption. If it is a DVD game, then the extension should be an .iso and it should work straight away in the PCSX2. The ISO.BIN.ENC is modified slightly to match the PS2 Classics specifications (LIMG sector, padding zeroes), that is why that PVD error does appear in the console.
to be honest, I ran with the thought that it HAD to be in a .iso extension since 7zip and winrar couldnt open it, and other programs with "Conversion" features were paid only, install only, or that WinBin2ISO program which didnt work, also was staying up WAY too late and my brain was running on potato mode

tl;dr I realize now .bin will work with pcsx2, but will keep in mind the method I used to make it into a .iso file for exploratory reasons
You can just rename the extension to .iso, if the decrypted file was saved as a .bin (don't know why), when it comes to DVD games.
that easy? wouldn't doing an extension change like that lead to some file corruption or something?
The .iso extension is commonly used for the file system (Mode 1/2048 bytes) dumps. Every DVD dump is such a one. A lot of image mounting programs do not care about it and will mount the image file regardless of the extension (.iso or .bin) or the data block (be it Mode 1 or Mode 2 for CD dumps).