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Full Version: Graphics issue
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I'm having strange issue with graphics in PS2 games on PCSX2 1.6.0.
All graphics are "dotted" as in image below.

[Image: gta3.jpg]

I didn't change anything in PCSX settings. It started few days ago and it is present in all games. So it must be PCSX or my GPU issue but I really have no clue what it could be/which settings to check.
I have HP Pavilion Gaming, Ryzen 5 4600H, GTX 1650 Ti, 16 GB RAM, Win10.
Any suggestions?
press f7
(09-15-2021, 10:38 PM)jesalvein Wrote: [ -> ]press f7

Thank you very much!
Is this some kind of filter switch?
Yep. CRT effect