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Full Version: Where is the "switch to software renderer when an FMV play"?
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Good day, so im trying to play forbidden siren 2 atm and well fmvs don't play well with hardware renderer and I'm 99% sure I recall a manual game fix that forced the emulator to switch to software when playing an fmv, but with the current dev 1.7.0 version it's nowhere to be seen. It'd be really useful to enable right now, or for the developers to add it to the automatic game fixes database idk. Maybe I could add it editing the .ini? Any ideas? Thanks.
just press f9
since it's a hack, it has been removed
(11-30-2021, 10:26 AM)jesalvein Wrote: [ -> ]just press f9
since it's a hack, it has been removed

I rlly dont want to press f9 every few minutes when it was possible to make the emulator do it by itself a year ago or so, like why remove it if it's hurting no one? its the option to let someone enable it if they want, idk why would they remove it. If I want to play chilling with a controller now I cant and I have to reach for my keyboard all the time or play on software with no improvement in quality
as i said, it's a hack. so, it's to be removed to comply the emu's main goals.
just use 1.6 if you want to use that hack