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Full Version: EE Cycle Rate and MGS3 Subsistence (NSTC-U)?
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Hi all,

I have a fairly decent PC and MGS3 runs pretty much flawlessly so far (I've just beaten the Fury). Now, playing in windowed mode, I noticed that the EE was hitting 100% while fighting the Fury and I was getting a few minor frame drops during this battle - so far, this has been the most intense moment in terms of processing power in the game. I've been fiddling with the EE cycle rate and currently have the option set to 180% cycle rate. This seems to improve the performance but doesn't seem to have any negative effects on the game. My CPU also isn't really that taxed by this process.

My questions are:
1) is it safe to run the EE cycle rate at this speed or even higher?
2) does anyone have any personal experience with running MGS3 and using speedhacks? If so, what settings did you use?

My specs are:

i7 9700KF
RTX 3070

Thanks in advance!
Yup, the 'The Fury' battle is known to be the most demanding place in the game, GXemu (the PS3 with GS emulator) have an option to lower EE requirements on that specific area.

On MGS 3 it is safe to mess with the cyclerate, I sugest using a reasonable ee cycle skipping value to achieve the best results.