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Full Version: Blurry and Shaking?
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Hi all, im fairly new to PCSX2, but am experienced in using other emulators. (including older project64, dolphin for GameCube, rcps3, cemu etc) so i know what to expect from emulation older and newer.

Now i have watched lots of videos, but seem to have a problem getting a half decent image, or to stop it shaking. 
PC Specs:
16gb Dual Channel 3200mhz RAM
RTX 3070ti
installed on solid state, windows 10. 
PCSX2 1.6.0
1080p Display

Tried open GL and Direct 11 both software and hardware modes. 'BOB' modes make it shake on the 3 games ive been trying, and blend mode doesnt seem to look very good on my machine. Adapter is definatly set to 3070ti. 

Internal resolution is set to 3x, have tried setting higher. Tried some hw hacks for road tirp adventure but they only made it worse. 

Road Trip Adventure (Blury, cant get accurate image)
Wallace and Grommit: Curse of the were rabbit (Shacks, crashes after initial cutscenes)
GTA Librety City Stories (Very blury, doesnt look accurate)
(All PAL versions off my own discs)

Any helps or tips where i must be going wrong? i understand the PS2 is originally 240p so i shouldnt expect alot, but theyre currently unplayable, so im assumign its a setting ive missed. Thanks all!
press f5 several times to set interlacing to auto