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Full Version: First Timer
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ok my current project is to make my laptop have every main stream console on it, and i really wanna play kingdom hearts again, anyways

CPU: intel duo core 2.53 ghz
4gig ram
geforce 9600m GS

im pretty sure my computer can handle it, anyways i downloaded pcsx2 and it needs to be configured, everything works but the cdvdrom, i get an error that says

opening drive D: failed

can anybody help? i tried reading the guide but doesnt quite make that much sense
in what form is the game? Smile (iso or dvd)
ok wait i figured it out, for some reason the setting kept reseting it self, now im at the bios part, reading up on it
oh and from dvd, ill figure out iso later
well looks like in the guide you missed the part of running pcsx2 as admin Tongue
lol nope running it as admin >.< i dunno what was up with it

ok bios, i know it cant be said directly over here or w/e but i do have a ps2 and all that, i dunno still reading
will the data on the psx disc be hurt for the memory card bios thing
nah Smile (this is just awesome, someone posting about some problem while reading the config guide Laugh)
so much work for the stupid bios -_-
oh, will it also be able to play psx games?
nope Smile (that's one question you could've done a search for Smile)
ok, this is where im at

B) Now create a folder on your hard drive to keep all the exploit files
in. For this example we will use C:\PS2Exploit. After that is
downloaded, grab the MemcardExploit.rar below and extract it to your

C) After extracting you should see CDGenPS2.exe, titleman.exe,
TITLE.DB, and the Exploit folder. Open a command prompt and switch to
that directory.

ive extracted but i dont see any of the .exe files, theres a folder called memoryexploit and then 3 folders to america, europe, and japan, then theres a XPS document in the respective folders, i tried opening it and nothing happened
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