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Full Version: Please update Direct x
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Ok, just like alot of other people I'm having this problem. I have DX9 on my pc and it asks me to update...? From what I understood DX9 was as high as I could go with xp. Do I just get DX10 that has been ported to xp or what? Dying to play all the old PS2 games I loved so much. Cheers for any help you guys can offer.
There's like a million threads on this...

Go here


run it, youre good
Cheers man. Looked there but nothing was working so I decided to dl one of the other Dx files and it worked. I realise you get this question alot but thank you so much for your help. Great work by the way. You lot have done yourselves proud. Can't wait to get ahold of some games now =)