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Full Version: Building HTPC
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I'm currently building a HTPC Media Center for my TV.
I think it would be a added bonus if it could run pcsx2 Happy
I have a Desktop that can run pcsx2 great (E7200 @ 3.7Ghz, 9600 GT)
But I've used the forum search, and can't find an answer if this AMD Dual Core would be enough to run games fullspeed (DQ8, FFX, .hack//GU, etc.)
I've read the FAQ about it, but I want to be 100% sure before ordering.
It would be awesome to have a Media Center / Emulator console all-in-one.

[I'm going to take 2GB of RAM from my Desktop PC, into this build.]
If you guys could give me some feedback, that would be awesome. Laugh

EDIT: Going with this:
[Image: amd1.png]
Will overclock the AMD to 3Ghz, will the onboard be enough?

Onboard Video Chipset ATI Radeon HD 3200
I take it you plan to use the 9600GT you have now as well?
No, I plan on using the onboard.

I'm also tempted to use this board: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.as...6813157154
with a: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.as...6819103211

I'm really worried about the quality of the motherboard in my original post.
People have been saying they've been able to get the 5000 to 3Ghz with no voltage increase, so it would essentially be the same chip...
Well, from the little experience I do have. I think you'll be able to run MOST games at moderately good speeds. But throw games like MGS3, and SOTC, into the mix and then I think you'll run into some performance issues.
[Edited first post.]
stick with a non-onboard GPU. that ati series is bad. and ATI in general is bad for pcsx2
Better wait until june 2009 AMD will release CPU PhenomII X2 (dualcore) and AthlonII X2 (dualcore) 45nm clock cpu at.3.1Ghz and 3.0Ghz. If you plan an onboard mobo then take HD.3300 like Asrock 790GMH 128mb DDR3 ($.130) or 8200 for Nvidia mobo.
seems to me this new pc your specing out is actually lower end than your current one. so, expect slower speeds than what you have now, but it will play.
(05-23-2009, 03:34 PM)Register Wrote: [ -> ]or 8200 for Nvidia mobo.

8600 is where I'd go no lower, (I had an 8400, so yea..)
That for onboard GPU for mobo Nvidia lol. Try to seek an info first about that.
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