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Full Version: Puzzle mistake in Image
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#Pcsx2 version: playground realease beta Rev.1212
#CPU: Limit on, eerc on, vurec0 and vurec1 on, MTGS on.
#Plugins used: GSDX 0.1.15 Rev. 1250(hardware and software, dx9)or zerogs 0.97.1 or SPU2-x 1.1.0
#Gamefixes: none
#Speedhack: none
#Description: The game is flashing, and the image is thus the demonstration below,Sad

Directx End User Mar09
Directx SDK Mar09

any can you me say what mistake is this?
Aren't you post this one four or five times? Puzzle quest show at least something from r885, prior this no image was shown. So you could wait, and maybe this one would be fix. Or maybe not. But spam is bad method.
but this game is only!
Now I just wait! Sad
But you can tell me if it is bug of emulator or plugin?
and you are the author of that plugin?

But still this game is very good!
and I thank you for Reply! Smile
Refraction fix this with bunch other issues in r1257. Enjoy.