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Full Version: Latest revision of pcsx2?
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From where can I get the latest revision of pcsx2?I know that the latest public beta is 1190 but that's not what I'm looking for Smile
Then I don't understand what your question is. You can compile it yourself, and ensure yourself the latest version, but... we only offer limited support for that version. Are you looking for the 0.9.6 version? If so, just go to the main page, and go to downloads.
I think he means the SVN version, but already compiled
Yes, the SVN version
I also would like to know where, since i don't know how to compile lol
Use google,there are plenty on sites that have the latest beta compiled by someone.
Sorry but can you tell me for example some site?I found just Maetel compilation but it's not that great
We have a compile guide and we do NOT allow asking for any beta builds on this forum.
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