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Full Version: Grandia 3 - Ingame
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General Plot has been strangely happy these past few days, slowly taking screenshots and recording a video from Grandia 3, beta testing has warped his mind, now he finds 0.x-2 FPS 'fun' Tongue.

So yes you guessed it, there's a video with this news post, but you have to admit, seeing something in motion truly gives a better impression of what it looks like!

Video is AVI using xVid so you will need a media player capable of playing back this format. This file is being shared using Bit Torrent, so you will need a torrent client, such as <a href="http://www.utorrent.com/" target="_new">uTorrent</a> to download this video.

Grandia 3 Ingame
1 Minutes 13 Seconds | 13.8 MB | Real Ingame Speed - 1.5-2 FPS.

Along with this video, there is a selection of screenshots posted on the official forums: <a href="http://forums.ngemu.com/pcsx2-official-forum/69120-grandia-3-ingame-pcsx2-net-news-topic.html" target="_new">here</a>, feel free to check them out.

<span>[Image: attachment.php?aid=3635]</span>