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Full Version: The Bouncer [PAL] issues - freezing at specific level load
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I've searched around and haven't found anyone mention this, or really much of anything about this game. Hopefully someone knows something.

After the cutscene where the girl freaks out from the satellite, the next part starts loading, and it freezes after the logo in the corner goes through the animation about 3.5 times. I have to X out the console window to close it.

The game also froze up in a couple other parts, but I was able to either randomize the settings to get it to work or just skip the cutscene.

I have tried every combination of settings I could come up with (ISO loader, CPU, Advanced, GSdx, Gamefixes, Speedhacks) and even tried several beta builds as well as the official 0.9.6. The most I was able to accomplish was getting it to freeze at about 1 second earlier.

Any ideas?
randomized settings rarely fix a game Wink any warnings/error messages in the console/emulog.txt? the compatibility list shows this game's status as "ingame", so chances are that it's still not fully playable even with the latest beta.
It also says 0.9.2 next to it in the Compat section.

There is no log output once it freezes.

I guess my next option is to just hunt down a NTSC copy, since supposedly it has worked before for someone.
(07-18-2009, 12:33 AM)ininpa Wrote: [ -> ]It also says 0.9.2 next to it in the Compat section.

yeah, but that does not necessarily mean it has changed since Wink

nothing to see in the emulog.txt about the crash?
I may have just wasted a bunch of time trying to find a NTSC copy, because after getting it all set up and compiling ZZOGL, surprise surprise....... no freezing at all.

Although the game is SLOW with this plugin, for whatever reasons, I may be able to get through the game by only using it when a freeze comes up.