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Full Version: [BugReport]Pcsx2 loses config and doesn't exit correctly
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Pcsx2 loses it's folder settings often when I try to run an img directly without plugin or when I play a game hit esc and then try to load a new iso with either linuzapps ISO CDVD 0.9.0 ot without plugin

when the bug happes the emu tells you that you have no bios files and if you co to the config screen all lists are blank but it doesnt tell you to configure

appeared round about the time when the "ISOs without plugin" feature was included I do not have a exact rev yet

Note: the inis are fine when I restart PCSX2 it loads perfectly normal from the ini also I can just set the right directory again .

I hope that helps
My bro has not this problem the only differences are I have Win7 RC and he has Vista Ultimate... also he has an intel XD and I have AMD
could be an OS prob Oo but I have UAC deactivated and AM Admin! also I use Win7 for 2 months now and have the prob for only a week at most

ED: oh and we have different not-unicode language-schemes
so I made a new test...

first I realized that every time I set a new ISO with linuz apps or in pcsx2 directly pcsx2 forgets the folder , this screen is what happens if i go to the config screen afterwards (without restart of pcsx2) [attachment=20200]

if I restart pcsx2 I can play but sometimes it hangs a while (30 sec) on this screen [attachment=20202] and afterwards runs VERY slow !!!
the next image describes what could be the cause of the slowness
note that one core is maxed from pcsx2

the slowness bug appears almost everytime pcsx2 "forgets" the folder settings
without it every fourth to fifth time
why not just use Linuz Iso Tongue (since it's actually an upgrade to Linuzappz Tongue >_>)
sorry my bad "Linuz Iso CDVD 0.9.0"
I used both names for the same since I thought it's a incremental upgrade Oo
by accident I found out what pcsx2 was doing...
when I browse for ISOs pcsx2 sets the plugin and bios folder to the folder specified for the iso I don't know why...
found that out cause it created a ini folder there XDDD
We know why. PCSX2 uses the same working directory for everything. So if you lets say change your memcards by clicking browse,the working directory will change to that,so the ISO directory after you searched for your memcards will be the one you found the memcard in...
I believe this will be fixed with the new GUI.
Yeah sounds like gigaherz left in some CWD-setting code in the new built in iso loader. (CWD == current working directory). PCSX2 uses the CWD for quite a few things, and even the old plugin specs clearly state that plugins aren't allowed to change it. This is what happens if they do. Wink